The Best Commuter Towns to London in the South East

The Best Commuter Towns to London in the South East

The draw of living in the ‘Big Smoke’ has long held appeal for young up-and-comers looking to make a name for themselves in the big city.


And, while that’s still true, the post-pandemic world has changed a lot – with remote and hybrid working now more of a thing than ever before and far more awareness around creating the perfect work/life balance. 

Commuters at a train station.


With that in mind, moving out of the city suddenly became incredibly popular. Hordes of young professionals, families, and couples looked to escape into the suburbs surrounding London in the hunt for a different way of life. But, if you are thinking of moving out of London, but still work in the capital, then you’re likely to suddenly find yourself confronted by the perils of commuting. 

A study reported in Time Out last year found London to be sixth in a list of the worst cities in the world for commuting, with the data showing that Londoners each lost 75 hours stuck in traffic jams last year – while the average time spent commuting was 47 minutes one-way. So, why not venture further afield, and put that 47 minutes to better use? 

Let’s look at some of the best commuter towns around London.

1. West Horsley

Located between Guildford and Leatherhead in Surrey, living in West Horsley boasts many advantages for those concerned with commuting to London. The village features excellent transport links for trains, buses, and road connections, making this one of the best places to live in Surrey to commute to London. 

In fact, to get to London Waterloo takes just 47 minutes by train – so, the same commute as you’d spend traversing London if you lived there, but with the added bonus of getting to escape to the peace and quiet of the countryside every time you head home. 

With four nearby train stations – Horsley, Guildford, Effingham, and Bookham – a brilliant local bus service, and just a short distance south of the M25, you really can’t be better connected for all your commuting needs than in West Horsley.

A commuter wearing headphones stands on the train and smiles.

2. Pease Pottage


Fancy venturing a little further south? Consider Pease Pottage. Just a short distance from Crawley, Pease Pottage boasts excellent integrated travel links – with the Fastway bus services linking Woodgate to Three Bridges station. From there, you can catch fast, direct trains into London Bridge in just 35 minutes, into London Blackfriars in 41 minutes, and into London Victoria in 40 minutes. So, wherever you need to be in the capital, you’ll be able to take your time and grab a coffee enroute – without even breaking a sweat. 

The prime location near Crawley also means you’re just a stone’s throw from London Gatwick Airport, perfect for easy business trips or well-earned escapes with the family. Although when you live somewhere as wonderful, calm and green as Pease Pottage, who needs to escape! 

Whether you need to shoot up to the city, do the short 20 mile drive to the coast, or simply want to explore the West Sussex countryside, Pease Pottage is the perfect commuter hotspot.

A high speed train travelling into London.

3. Newick

Still not close enough to the coast for your liking? Well, Newick may be just the place you’re looking for. Deep in the East Sussex countryside, and under 17 miles from the South Coast, Newick is a slice of the quiet life – without compromising on commuting into London with ease. 

Spend your weekends wandering through Ashdown Forest and Chailey Common nature reserve close to home, before hopping on a train from nearby Haywards Heath on a weekday morning ready to tackle the work day head on. 

With direct connections to major London stations including London Bridge, London Blackfriars and London St Pancras all within an hour of Haywards Heath, you’ll be ready to start your day in no time.

A view of Newick village green, with people sat waiting at the bus stop.

Ready to make the move?


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